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Keep accounts safe and customers happy.

Pi’s Account Shield uses a multi-layered approach to stop takeovers before they start, so your customers and revenue are better protected.


Why is ATO hard to solve?

Account takeover can happen on two fronts: organization’s data breaches or susceptible individual customers. Although organizations exercise caution and safeguard against data breaches, they have little to no control over ATO emerging from the customer’s side.


of ATO victims used the same password as the compromised account across multiple accounts.1


of U.S. adults have been victims of account takeovers, which amounts to over 24 million households.2


the estimated amount of total losses due to ATO in 2021, a 90% increase from 2020.3

Moreover ATO is hard to detect, making it a preferred way for bad actors to attack.

Pi’s real-time, multi-dimensional approach to ATO

One-dimensional indicators don’t make the cut for today’s intricate ATO attacks. Pi combines multiple variables like identity information, IP address, transaction amount, time-based action, and longevity of the account to create a truly informed view of user activity. Any suspicious activity is met with real-time friction that’s customized to the behavior. Plus, we evaluate every action on our platform in milliseconds—immediately flagging and alerting you of any suspicious activity.

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Swipe through the diagram below to see how Pi protects against ATO

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ATO Losses

Know your real customers and block the fake ones. Pi’s Account Shield catches malicious login attempts from bots and humans alike, protecting customer information and your bottom line.


Advanced anomaly detection


Login activity monitoring

Account Security

Account Shield tracks the security status of all your user accounts and automatically requires additional action if unusual behavior is detected.


User behavior tracking


Automatic friction layering

Customer Friction

Don’t compromise user experience for your real customers. With dynamic multi-factor authentication, Account Shield enables friction only when a fraud trigger is alerted.


Fraud triggers
and alerts customization


Dynamic multi-factor authentication

Anik Rana

Ankit Rana

General Manager,
Paytm Payments Bank

“The difference Pi has made is night and day. It’s allowed us to scale faster and more confidently. We can easily change and set rules that allow us to hone in on the best ratio for growth.”

Ready to put an end to ATO?

See the power of Account Shield in action—featuring an average decisioning time of 50 milliseconds, 5B+ rules evaluated daily, and an easy 3-4 week implementation period.