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How Pi works

We make risk less risky by creating personalized risk scores for each and every user before crafting experiences to those users based on parameters you set. It’s all about creating the least amount of user friction while also preventing fraud and growing your bottom line. Meanwhile, Pi’s machine learning studio will auto-adjust risk scores, rules, and thresholds.

Our 3-part risk strategy:







Tailor experiences
through intelligent
risk scoring

Pi’s decisioning engine creates personalized risk scores for each user in your ecosystem, serving them unique experiences accordingly. User scorecards factor in the risk parameters you set, personal identifiable information (PII), document verification, behavioral checks, and more—all in real time. All the while, your team stays informed with smart alerts, data-rich reports, and one comprehensive dashboard.
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Amp up your
your revenue

Pi’s unsupervised machine learning (UML) will keep your risk meter set to “growth mode” by dynamically monitoring user activity 24/7, auto-adjusting user risk scores, recommending new rule sets, and shifting thresholds. Pinpointing vulnerabilities and shifting defenses no longer takes weeks to implement—they now happen while you’re sleeping. It’s our revolutionary recipe to keep you primed for growth.
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Integrate Pi,
our recipe for
risk management

Leverage your existing user data plus our thousands of third party data points, aggregating everything into Pi’s central dashboard. From there, configure your own rules—or leverage easy-to-use industry templates—to dynamically manage activity and pinpoint anomalies across your ecosystem.
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What’s our secret sauce?

Pi’s core ingredients make one helluva fraud fighting machine.

Icon - data ingestion

Data Ingestion

Pi securely leverages your proprietary and third-party data—aggregating all of it into one comprehensive view of your entire business’ ecosystem. On average, our engine ingests over 1.8B records daily and makes decisions 2x faster than the industry average.

icon dynamic risk scoring

Dynamic risk scoring

Pi calculates hyper-specific risk tiers for every user—evaluating and shifting risk scores dynamically throughout the user’s lifecycle. Pi serves personalized user experiences based on scorecards and your settings (e.g, transaction limits or settlement windows).

icon smart simulations

Smart Simulations

Pi takes guesswork out of the equation by letting you test rules in a simulated environment so you can anticipate changes and see results before publishing.

icon anomoly detected

Anomaly detection

Pi offers built-in anomaly detection to automatically identify and detect patterns and outliers—including unknown unknowns—sending you real time alerts of activity shifts in your ecosystem.

Icon - custom risk model

Machine learning studio

Pi’s unsupervised machine learning (UML) auto-adjusts user risk tiering, rule sets, and thresholds—shifting your defenses dynamically in real time and avoiding traditional hard-coded limits. It’s machine learning on steroids, proactively shifting as the data does.

Icon - case management

Case management

Our platform empowers your fraud operations team with a collaborative case management system. Detailed reason codes, reports, and a full audit trail in one place makes it easy to analyze, share insights, and track the status of each case.

50ms average decisioning time

50ms average decisioning time

50ms average decisioning time

5B+ rules evaluated daily

5B+ rules evaluated daily

5B+ rules evaluated daily

Only 3-4 week implementation

Only 3-4 week implementation

Only 3-4 week implementation

99.9% average service uptime

99.9% average service uptime

99.9% average service uptime

One fraud solution for your entire team


  • Grow your bottom line with smarter risk decisioning
  • Deploy ML to shift defenses dynamically
  • Offer the right friction to the right users at the right time
  • Profit from detailed reports and analytics
  • Monitor industry trends
  • Optimize controls, processes, and auditing



  • Auto-adjust risk tiering, rules, and thresholds with ML
  • Implement within 3-4 weeks
  • Execute rules at speeds of 50ms
  • Shadow test rules before pushing live
  • Craft reusable variable blocks to easily plug into rules
  • Deploy smarter anomaly and pattern recognition



  • Utilize case management to fast track responses to flagged activity
  • Modify rules in minutes (no coding required)
  • Boost efficiency with auto-decisioning and bulk actions
  • Stay informed with real time alerts, data-rich reports, and a comprehensive audit trail


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