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Prevent promotion abuse and foster loyalty.

Ensure the right customers get the right promos with Promo Protection from Pi.

The balancing act of promos and fraud

Promotions drive new customers, increase sales, and boost customer loyalty. They also open the door for bad actors to exploit offerings through loopholes and gaps in policies. Although most customers don’t see the harm in promo abuse, businesses are left holding the bag—facing major losses and increases to operational costs.
of consumers  across all age groups would choose a fintech service that gives them a promotional offer over a competing platform that doesn’t .1
of retailers get burned by abuse of their own customer promotions.2
PayPal closed 4.5M fake accounts after finding bad actors were taking advantage of its incentives and rewards programs.3

Understanding the different types of promo fraud.

We like to break down promo fraud into two sections: new customer fraud and existing customer fraud. Promos to attract new customers are susceptible at the sign-up and onboarding process. Loyalty-driven promos for existing customers are vulnerable to coupon sharing, referral fraud and post-purchase frauds such as refund abuse and item-not-received (INR) fraud. If the post-purchase frauds aren’t dealt with, they can lead to chargeback fraud. Pi’s Promo Protection fights against both types of fraud, saving you money and increasing loyalty with your customers.  


Prevent policy abuse and promote loyalty with Pi’s targeted approach.

Pi uses machine learning to analyze user behavior to identify potentially risky customers and bad actors. This allows you to personalize your promotions, opting to withhold offers from potentially bad actors. When a threat is detected, Pi automatically increases verification for only the customer in question. You can also easily control the friction, limitations and restrictions on refund claims. All this happens behind the scenes controlled by parameters you set, leaving no negative impact on good customers.
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Prevent Multi-Account Creation

Pi collects as many details as possible from new customers to validate their identity and prevent fake account creation.


Geo-Location Verification


Cross reference sign up info with existing customer details

Prevent Promo Abuse Losses

Pi helps identify the intention behind every login and decides whether there’s genuine interest in exploring the product.


Detect suspicious behavior


PROMPT to sign up with 2 factor authentication

Promote Customer Loyalty

Promote your brand safely with personalized offers that can only be claimed by a specific customer.


Screen customers and pick qualifying customers for offers


apply limitations on number of coupon redemptions

Reduce Customer Friction

Process genuine refunds, stop refund abuse and protect your brand reputation for loyal customers.

review historic chargeback and refund data to assess behavior


implement dynamic risk scoring to process refund sonly from trusted customers

Ready to put an end to Promo Abuse?

See the power of Promo Protection in action—featuring an average decisioning time of 50 milliseconds, 5B+ rules evaluated daily, and an easy 3-4 week implementation period.